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 Gurps Fantasy

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PostSubject: Gurps Fantasy   Gurps Fantasy EmptyTue Nov 05, 2013 1:57 am

Setting: There is one supreme being known as Oblivion, he is nothing and thus he doesn't exist yet at the same time he is the essence of creation and thus everything. He grew tired and began to manipulate the nothingness that is himself and created the world and planes(places he got bored off and never finished, think like floating landmasses and upsidedown oceans,) Eventually he granted life and then animals. Each a different attempt to create sentience that could provide him company. Eventually he succeeded and created the gods. The Gods created a village and they're lives entertained him for thousands of years, now they who had master the worlds and visited the planes were bored of their existance and this brought about the rise of the avatars(demi-gods) who saw their creators and realize the cycle was continuing itself. Oblivion favored his grandchildren over his own as he saw that they only created so recently caught onto the game so fast. The gods in jeaslousy began to treat the avatars like garbarge and abused them. So a scheme was formed, approaching Oblivion the Avatars asked for way to collect his essence so they could force the gods to sleep until a time Obvilion saw fit to raise them from their slumber. While the plot was being put into play the Gods stole the Avatar's right and created man as a way to combat the avatars. Oblivion's gift of life was weakening with each generation of sentinent life. The gods were immortal, the Avatars won't touch by age but man was fragile.

Yet the Gods never got their way with using them to slay their first children. The avatars swept them to sleep and hide them in a mountain so they would never be waken by mortal magics. Avatars foreseeing the return hid themselves into the original creations of Obilivions. Becoming the spirits of nature.

Then Obilivion got bored as he always does after thousands of years. He watched man built their monuments and prayed to him and his children while he delighted he knew the show would grow stale as it did before. So he whispered into the ear of his youngest child, who would be renamed chaos, wakening him from his slumber and throwing him into a rage that couldn't be soothed. He saw the many kingdoms of man and thought in disgust what they have done. They had breed into a number that covered the world. They had manipulated the land in ways not concieved of before and they had called the Avatars heroes and marveled at their show of powers . He began cursing these people, splitting them into the races that now travel and rule the world

After two years of choas, destruction, and mayham the god ran out of the graces of Oblivion and he fell into the ocean to sleep again.


Elves: The nation of Elvos was the most advance were by all terms industrious to the point where no forest stood in their domains. Metal was their currency and pride and thus they payed the price. They found their fleshed to wood, their hair moss, and their lives directly connected to the warefare of the forests they inhabitated after their cities were turned to ashe. Years would later bring back the face of flesh but their connection never weaken. When damaged and hurt the flesh gives way to the original curse.

Goblins: The Tribe of Menos was plentiful with food and they held a place of marvelous health. To this they were cursed with famnine and plague unlike any other before it. Their descendents would be forevered tainted with the death curse placed on them. They were born with twisted features, black teeth and a most horrofic the plague running through their viens. Treated like vermin from their diesase carrying ways they are almost never welcome to any legitmate area.

Clawfoot: When choas came to stop and peer at a circus he found man mastering beast and forcing them to do tricks for petty rewards or harsh punishments if they declined. The kingdom that the circus wa sheld was forever lost in the mythos but the punishment is still active as beast and man had merge and brought forward a new dawn.

Orc: The first empire was also the first to fall as the mountain keep was within its borders. Gladiotiral games and the cheer of the crowd attracted the newly awakened eyes upon the people of Norcia. If they were so blood thirsty then they shall be well suited. They fleshed became scalely armor as they lost hair . Teeth replace by fang and tusk.

Tiefling: For a moment the rampage was paused as Chaos investigated a plane he suspected an avatar hid in. He had destroyed it in everysense of the word, oceans on fire, any life turned to sand, and any life damned. When he returned a coast was burned from the gaping hole in reality. The sands blew in turning the forestlands into desert of unimanigable heat. The people were cursed indirectly as they grew horns, their flesh cracks and their body burn internally.

Shades: The result of the only time that Chaos and Oblivion ever fought. Chaos attempted to take Oblivion's gift of creation and life without consent, to kill is to continue the cycle to unmake breaks the cycle. Oblivion showed himself to mortal eyes and his half a second cursed an entire land and nearly pulled the very essence out of the inhabitants. Beings of half the plane of man and the plane of the undead.

The untouched: Chaos never finished his rampage as much of the world and population of man were untouched but the cursed circualted and grew and conquered. The untouched are judged and hated as their lucky descendants avoided a world of pain and torment.
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Gurps Fantasy
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