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 Project I.V.: Mechanics

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PostSubject: Project I.V.: Mechanics   Project I.V.: Mechanics EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 3:17 am

So I've decided to post what I have on Mechanics and how they work, I will do another thread which is more bare bones which is the setting and fluff and then a the two Factions threads which are the Secret factions (Feats/powers) and Over Factions (Plot factions).

Stats: These act as the natural talent that provides the base for the skills. They are the physical descriptors for the character.

Prototype Stats
-Strength: How physically strong your character is.
-Dexterity: How precise you can move such as balance.
-Agility: How well your character can take physical exertion(Running, jumping, etc)
-Constitution: How well your character can take physical pain or exhuastion.
-Charisma: How well your character can handle people.
-Intelligence: How well your character can retain knowledge and information and how well your character can process information.
-Mentality: How well your character can handle mental strain (multitasking, lengthy problems)

Now how stats translate into Skills

For every two points in a stat it translates one point into skills. But the stat has to be at the values 9-11 for the skill to be at zero. If a stat is below 9 then the skills that are under that stat start below zero. If a stat is 12 for example the skills under that stat start at one.


Stat = 4 then the Skill = -2
Stat = 10 then the skill = 0
Stat = 15 then the skill = +2

Skills: A skill is what it sounds like, something that the character can do at some proficency. The higher the skill the better the character can perform.

List of Skills:
Finance[Intelligence]: Knowing the value of an item.
Ex):mineral, item, or stock.

Firearms (light)[Dexterity]: Firing a weapon that is classified as light.
Ex):Pistols, machine pistols, SMGs, Stun guns.

Firearms (Medium)[Dexterity]: Firing a weapon that is classified as medium.
Ex):Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper rifle

Firearms (Heavy)[Strength] Firing a weapon that is classified as Heavy.
Ex):Heavy Machine guns, Rocket launcher, Grenade Launcher

Forgery[Intelligence]: Knowing how to get or forge your own official documents.
Ex): I.D.s, Warrants, cash, knockoffs

Hacking[Mental]: To get pass cyber sercurity.
Ex): Personal Computers, public terminals, cameras, droid systems

Larceny[Dexterity]: The ability to steal something without notice
Ex):Vehicles, wallets, keys, I.D.s

Mechanics[Intelligence] The knowledge to repair electrical or mechanical systems.
Ex): Vehicles, Mechs, engines, mechanical doors

Medical[Dexterity or Intelligence] The knowledge of the body or the ability to operate
Ex): Anatomy, drugs, surgery

Melee (armed)[Strength]: The ability to fight without a weapon
Ex): Bare knuckle, Boxing, Mix Martial Arts

Melee (unarmed)[Strength]: The ability to fight with a weapon
Ex): Knife, baton, brass knuckles

Pilot (Aviation)[Mental]: The ability to pilot an areal vehicle
Ex): Plane, helicopter, Jet

Pilot (Ground Vehicle)[Dexterity]: The ability to drive a regular vehicle
Ex): Car, truck, tank

Pilot (Mech)[Strength]: The ability to drive a mech
Ex): Titan

Scanning[Intellignce]: Understanding the composite or make up of something
Ex): Metals, type of energy

Search (Digital)[Intelligence]: To find something in a digital medium.
Ex):Data Packets, Accounts, contact lists.

Search (Physical)[Intelligence]: To find something in the real world
Ex): Hidden enemies, hidden compartments, going through a stack of papers.

Stealth[Dexterity]: To avoid detection
Ex):Getting pass a circuity check, going around cameras

Subterfuge[Intelligence]: To avoid telling the truth or detect attempts of dishonesty
Ex): Lying, passing a lie detector, reading people's faces

Rolling Mechanism
The rolling mechanism in this game will be 2D6 + Skill. If there is another factor involved in the roll then it is 2D6+Skill (+or-)unknown.

Alternative Mechanism
Some rolls may involve different dice as percentages may be used or damage needs to be calculated.
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Project I.V.: Mechanics
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