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 Project I.V.: Over Factions

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Project I.V.: Over Factions Empty
PostSubject: Project I.V.: Over Factions   Project I.V.: Over Factions EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 3:17 am

The current idea for Infinite Void is that the characters are infiltrating a group for different forces. So there has to be different groups to infiltrate that will provide an edge to these different factions. So there are Over factions which are ignorant of the more secretive organizations. So I want to make a list of them.
The idea I'm playing with right now is that the party would have secret allegiances to different shadow organizations that want to gain control and major influence over the colonization spheres. The characters wouldn't know the other party members' allegiances and will have to figure it out. But after words would be play more as a game of sabotage. No full PVP should be allowed. But if lets say an party member slowed an elevator enough that the targets gets caught with theft.

Police Department: Obvious enough. You play as a cop of one of the colonizing spheres, this is the best possible option to framing political threats, arresting dangerous foes, and gaining influence in the force.

Customs: With the need of supplies from newly colonized planets, to fleets, the Solengrad trading circuit, to the occasional colonizing sphere as well as the massive armada of warships at the forefront of humanities frontier of space. Lots of supplies moving and a good portion of it is illegal contraband. The Custom officials need to record all shipments, find whats illegal, and more importantly stop any illegal infiltration of the Sphere. To the underground factions a position within Customs provides vital details in what shipments are in, if another faction has gotten any advantage due to it, and if there are any unknown operatives now within the sphere they should look out for.

Department of Utilities and Repair: On the surface this department doesn't look like it would provide any advantage but what it does provide is information on power and access to tunnels, government buildings, and otherwise secure facilities. Repairs from shadowly fire fights provide an idea of activities from rivals that sometimes spy work doesn't provide.

The Riot: Think craiglist for criminals. An Riot Operative is a thug for hire by anyone. Though physical Riot agents are rare as most are hackers of sometimes. They provide information and misdirection. Crime and organize crime is a great method of profit for the underground and thus Riot is a great method of creating connections with certain lesser criminal organizations.

Any big Corporation: Finances and other information would be a great advantage for any group.
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Project I.V.: Over Factions
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