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 Project I.V. Secret Factions

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Bright Eyes

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PostSubject: Project I.V. Secret Factions   Project I.V. Secret Factions EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 3:16 am

Void Gazers
Key Ides

Echo: A phenomenon where thoughts, memories, impulses, and emotions transfer from an individual and pings off of others. If expose too long to the affected individual the echo will carry on and stay with newly infused individual. The echo will wear off eventually but is extremely addictive.

Cult Theology: The Echo has brought in many theories on it was created but the most accepted was the birth and death of a higher human being that last four days. An experiment to bring forth a third cerebral hemisphere. A clone was genetically modified with it but its other hemispheres were dead. Then was transfer over to the original subject after several years and other clones being dissected. The man immediately was different and showed several psychic powers such as telekinesis and telepathy. The strain of these powers began a system shut down and he died but not before he created a collective conscious with the facility and several cities surrounding. The conscious wasn't perfect but many believe his “Echo” allows him to live through the combine psychic powers of thousands of individual. The people began sharing memories, thoughts, emotions, which at first created panic and soon the entire planet was afflicted but several months later a clam arose and the afflicted created a cult, majority of the original carriers are quarantine due to the potency of the echo they carried. The few away from the their home have promoted the expansion of the cult outside, the potency is much weaker, the promoters have now locked themselves in a sealed community to keep their potency. Only when a large collective of followers is at risk do they risk themselves.

Cult Science: Now on the other side of the accepted theory is a dark and serious rumor that many of the followers reject is that the Higher being never existed but a new mind disruption technology was created almost like a virus was created in lab and the lab workers and scientist were unknowingly were infected and they infected their friends and family an an epidemic occurred and the great panic was before the immune system suppressed the virus and the Echo was born this way and was a side effect was now the primary effect of the weapon. Notable scientist have joined the cult to study the Echo and have fallen to the seductive call of the Echo. Though they openly reject the teachings they are used to create new weapons for the coming crusade.
The Muted Choir: A new fad for the cult is bringing in people but these new comers refuse to allow the Echo to reverberate through them. It would be similar for a Catholic to refuse communion. They are a still small movement and many true followers see them as scum. The general pubic approves more on the Muted.
Memory Addict: The Echo is similar to an extremely addictive substance while some people can handle others have a more deeper addiction for a particular part of the Echo. Memories are regular for echos but they don't have the emotional attachment or emotions of the time but there are rare instances where those emotional bonds are attached. Its nearly orgasmic to feel alien emotions combined with your own. Of course emotions are often shared as well in the Echo but it compared to the vivid memory share is a cheap knock off. The Memory Addicts seem to be able to ignore thoughts, emotions, and can find memories easier in the ever drifting river of Echo. (Mechanic Idea: the Addict has to roll an investigation check to find the memories during a conversation with another cult member, -4 wit a non cult member.) (Mechanic Idea: The Addict has to feed every three days or suffer Charisma and Mental Fortitude Debuff)

Echo Futurist: The scientific community is both enthralled and terrified by the Void Gazers as they bring in a nearly unexplainable event but that event can easily affect those studying it. Those that accept the risk chose to ignore the cult and theology and use their resources to see all the applications that the echo can bring. Of course this has brought a rapid rise of military firepower for the cult and it now being a potential threat.(Mechanic Idea: The futurist has been experimented on providing a boost to Mental Fortitude and possibly some form of psychic power.)(Mechanic Idea: Have to roll a fortitude test without their boost when an Echo hits them, if they fail they get a debuff to Mental Fort.)

True Follower: To those who believe in the story told and preach they find the echo a spiritual thing and treat with great respect. Disrespect is usually answered with insults, violence, and zealous. These followers feel the Echo with more confidence, they radiate it and in return hope to share this experience to all if they want it or not. Unfortunately the Echo has diminished with the newer generation of followers as most have felt the original Echo and now the Echo is faint and can be ignored but the few faithful have found a way to funnel their radiation into an individual or even a small group (Mechanic Idea: The follower can pulse the Echo into an enemy and can even put suggestion into his head.)

Key Ideas

Government: Solengrad has a constitutional monarchy with a parliament system of law makers. It is on the edge of a totalitarian regime but several key civil rights prevent the nation from being so. An aristocracy holds strong influence within the parliament but the local elections which provide the voting basis of the national parliament provides some power to the average person.

Military: Solengrad is mainly a military power the combination of a powerful navy and vast infantry force had not only allowed Solengrad to break off from Convergence but as well as to expand their borders without check. Nearly all of their population has been a part of the military in sort of way.
Economy: The economy is fueled by two major factors. The first is Solengrad being on the outskirts of humanity which allows Solengrad to broker any new resources or habital planets to the rest of humanity. The second is Nativus Technology, the ability to combine Element Irritium a new element with powerful reaction to the introduction of other elements.

New Voice: Solengrad recent Independence hasn't taken their voice from Convergence Senate. In fact it has added another thirty seats each for every planet that is under Solengrad control with more than 2.5 billion people. These new senators have created a new divide in the senate and has been slowly splitting the solid foundations that humanity has been siting on for the last two centuries.
Culture: The Industrial giant isn't just a war machine that has been moving for the last eighty years. In the last few years a revival of culture, art, and writing has exploded in Solengrad's capital. Museums are now being built and concerts being played. The industrial scape is now being remodeled into a city where people can live not just work.

Nationalist: Most Grads are ether military or ex military, Solengrad has been independent for thirty years but that was after a fifty year war. Its rapid expansion was due to surplus of military supplies, equipment, and die hard nationalists that would die for their nation. Now the attitude has spread to the common Grad that has been drafted for colonization. Most go in trying to elect Grads into position of power but the mix of culture and politics usually rounds them out. But yet they keep a strong national pride. (Mechanic Idea: They are given a boost in their Aim skills)(Mechanic Idea: They are harder to flip to another side or scare, bonus to their mental fortitude for intimate rolls.)

Radical: While the National is rounded out, the radical keeps their edge and known for their terrorist circles. They want solengrad on top no matter what or how. Assassination, bribery, terror tactics, it doesn't matter what they will stop at nothing. They are experts at finding rats in their circles as well. Hiding marks in their tattoos so no random grub mixes in with them. Some groups are directly controlled by the Solengrad Secret police while others are nationals trying to make their nation proud(Mechanic Idea: They are experts of their trade, bonus to explosions and subterfuge) (Mechanic Idea: They need to fade or cut their past they have the training to do it, disguise and anti-search tests are boosted)

Machinist: Guns, Vehicles, Ammo, Mechs, Tanks, computers, are now a must in modern combat. Solengrad is known for its industrial and militant might. The Industrial have brought many the know how to pilot or repair majority of modern equipment, military or civilian. Children were taught to reload rifles or how to fix a jam or how to clean their weapon.(Mechanic Idea; Boost their repair and pilot skill)(Mechanic Idea: quick fix can temporary fix a malfunctioning weapon during combat, may worsen the weapon's state if failed test)

Savant: The artist bleeds for his work, the author argues for his words, the musician breaks for his songs. Solengrad is slowing its war gears for culture and in return those skilled in the arts have been exploring the social circles of every class. They have become a new form of spy as they gather information but not for some government but for the people. Leaks have now become an issue for private citizens under the Solengrad Banner. (Mechanic Idea: Savants get boost to their Charisma based skills.)(Mechanic Idea: Savants gain a fame ability where they can get into locked social areas such as a private event or clubs)

key Ideas

Convergence's Eyes&Ears: The arcani are agents of the convergence to hunt down any extreme radicals that wish to break off from the convergence. After Solengrad won its independence a score of lesser colonies attempted to break free but they were closer and easier to smash. Deep space colonization is the one thing the convergence can't absolutely control so the Arcani agency was formed. They find, track, and possibly assassinate any who wish to break off.

No Privacy: The spheres are mainly built in the heart of the Convergence in the home system. So since the rise of Solengrad there has been a secret No Privacy Policy that places, cameras, microphones, radiation counters, and any other device to provide needed information in almost every single room, hall, public space, and office. The only issue is the vast amount of data this system collects so its stored in a placed called the box. Arcani agents are the only ones allowed to open the box. Every room has a serial number and that can be found in any public sector office.

Policy on Solengrad: The Arcani Agency is created for the sole purpose of preventing Solengrad's sphere of influence to go into Convergence territory but now the agency finds it self trying to stop it from spreading out. According to the frontier navy Intelligent Alien life will be reached within a year and Solengrad must not be allowed any political sway over these aliens. The battle for colonization spheres have intensified where Arcani is nearly a wide known agency. Data blocks have stopped the spread through the web but word of mouth is harder to stop. The Home system passengers still have no clue what they are but outer reach passengers do. Arcani's war with Solengrad agents have nearly exposed them. A zero tolerance policy is now being argued on witnesses of any agent activity.

Bio-Droids: Cloning is illegal ever since ever since the Echo incident but cloning technology has brought in a new breed of solider. The brain is grown but the parts that provide the personality, critical thinking, basic thought even are small to absolute tiny. Cybernetics are provided creating a cyborg with no personality or history. A weapon to use as expendable as need be. Bio-Droids are only allowed in case of extreme alien hostility. But Arcani have been rumored to have several facilities to create these droids to act as shock troopers.

Agent: The agent is what exactly what it appears to be. An arcani's basic soldier, an information gatherer, assassin, spy, or anything else Arcani needs him to be. These agents are usually sleepers placed in or near Solengrad neighborhoods, businesses, or anything else that could be traced back to the outside empire. (Mechanic Idea: boost subterfuge and aim light skill)(Mechanic Idea: Perfect credentials, the agency provides credentials to get into restricted areas, also Boost hack and search skills)

Warlord: Bio-Droids are a dangerous asset to have but some lucky or sometimes unlucky Agent gets them. They are the warlords, if they are found with one they get life sentenced and the agency drops them. If they are found at a farm and escape their friends and coworkers will kill them. But until then they are usually one of the underworld's feared assassins or bosses. (Mechanic Idea; Two Bio droids are provided, they can't gain exp. If one dies it can't be replaced) (Mechanic Idea: Provide an intimidation boost)

Tracer: Some agents find their talent in finding and tracking individuals. Gathering information in every way possible to learn their weaknesses. But tracers are often at the most risk as their connection to the Sphere's system can't be cut and if it is they are in the dark. (Mechanic Idea: don't need to go to the box to open it)(Mechanic Idea: Boost hacking skill but can't cut their signal)

The Aristocracy
Key Idea

Who?: The Aristocracy is a group of elites that want to take control of humanity away from the founders of the Convergence(Harbingers of Exaltation). In fact the leader of the Solengrad Revolution was a spurned member of this group. He is treated as scum to his face but they marvel at his success behind closed doors. These people are senators, corporate heads, old money, High ranking military officials, Infamous Mafia Leaders, Even a legendary Pirate or two.

For or Against: The Aristocracy doesn't want to split off from Convergence but rather take the reigns from the another secret society. They want to have the true power to drive the trillion man machine. They want to have the power to demand war without the consent of the people. These are the most ambitious human beings in the galaxy. These are people are would kill their family if that mean their dreams are met but that being said polarizes the group.

Power: There is one rule in the Aristocracy you can not use any of your public power. That being said a low ranking Aristocrat is a Police Chief for a massive city. He can't use his officers to do a task handle to him. He can use a couple of his trusted men, his money, and his contacts but he can't call for the entire department to drop on someone. But there is a private army at the Aristocracy's call most are ex soldiers of the Convergence, there are even some Solengrad and Arcani in the ranks.


Pawn: These are the grunts, hired guns, expendable assets. They know that the Aristocracy is real and that's all they know. Pawns are a wide mix of people from accountants to soldiers, to common thieves.(Mechanic Idea: Boost subterfuge skill)(Mechanic Idea: Aristocracy pawn, a pawn with the emblem of the Aristocracy allows access to cheap weapons and safe houses)

Knight: These are the combat orientated agents, these are the soldiers and assassins that are meant to use brute force on their objective.(Mechanic Idea: Knight Piece, similar to the pawn but allows better weapon access.) (Mechanic Idea: Boost ether Melee combat o Aim Medium skill)

Bishop: These are the hackers and business officials. Lawyers or clerks that know how their business works. They are the corperate spies that bring some industrialist down or lock up a uncooperative criminal. (Mechanic Idea: Bishop piece allows the Bishop to data packets on different subjects)(Mechanic Idea: Boost subterfuge skill)
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PostSubject: Re: Project I.V. Secret Factions   Project I.V. Secret Factions EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 10:31 am

I'll just put this here as a place holder for the Archgenitor Conspiracy:

Project I.V. Secret Factions 549px-Vanu-Aliens
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Bright Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Project I.V. Secret Factions   Project I.V. Secret Factions EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 1:08 am

Steven had brought up how do these societies work. And how would party Interaction would be with character with opposing factions backing them. Now I brought up the Over Factions as a way to tie the party together but I haven't approached how the system works or not.

The reason why the Factions don't openly go to war is the assurance of mutual destruction. Now you have to understand that a Sphere is nearly cut off from the rest of Humanity. The storms fuck with data signals like a mother fucker. So even if they openly try to take the Sphere internally the outside wouldn't know but it would occur a mass war that would most likely kill the colonization mission in its step. They have to keep the Sphere prosperous but at the same time influence it if they want to gain any power from the newly colonized planets.

Its a shadow war of sorts. Sure there are armed raids against one faction or another but the player shouldn't be in the immediate view of it. He should be affected by it but now involved. He should be the guy that found the facility or hunts survivors afterwards.

Now there is also a common enemy. The Harbingers of Exaltation find the secret factions as cancers that need to remove. These and alien attackers would be the only thing that could ever get the factions into common cause.

So there should be two different kind of games.

Pure and Mix.

Pure: All the players belong to the same faction and they act as a cell doing missions exclusively from the major faction. No backstabbing.

Mix: A more serious rendition of Paranoia. You have to figure out what your party members are and try to get in their way. But at the same time the party has to deal with Over faction issues. Do you want to Backstab the Titan right before a possible riot? He might have figured out it was you and you find yourself surrounded and he isn't "hearing" your calls.

Mechanic Idea: An idea I had while writing this would be a note card system that act as  secret actions from the character. You write on the card pass it to the G.M. so I could write,you might be protecting a witness you need to kill, would be tamper with window, lock broken. text info to hit squad. Position character away from said window.

Mechanic Idea: Have a group that would be associated with a secret faction. For example the character might have a Platinum account in sort of Bank, background check the Bank and Bam you find out the bank been assisting Aristocrat Agents. This acts as a tell tale sign. But I suggest changing it up every campaign. Like having a ViP Pass at a certain strip club or goes to the same doctor every thursday.
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PostSubject: Re: Project I.V. Secret Factions   Project I.V. Secret Factions Empty

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Project I.V. Secret Factions
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