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 Project I.V. Setting/Fluff

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PostSubject: Project I.V. Setting/Fluff   Project I.V. Setting/Fluff EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 3:16 am

This is gonna probably be where you three will be most of the time. I'm gonna give a quick history lesson here.

Earth had practically ran out of resources. Nothing could really be done and the world was about to end in one short nasty war. A group calling themselves the Harbingers of Exaltation appeared with an advance ship and a massive supply of resources they had squirreled away for the last century. Using the ship and resources Humanity was able to gain resources from space and got back on its feet. A new World government was created known as the Convergence of All Humanity (C.A.H.) forming a massive senate system.
Years past and Humanity pushed through the stars, Terra forming and colonizing planets. One planet was lost to a strange phenomenon that link the conscious of all the populace creating a hive mind effect. Humanity had grown to have populated 13 planets, 14 if you count the quarantined one. A massive push would bring 12 more planets on the beginning of colonization. Yet an issue had occurred the four further most colonies decided that the distance between them and the convergence would create problems insurmountable over the years. A call of independence was made and a four year war began.
Distance was the only true advantage the colonist held and they beat back the forces of C.A.H. and a treaty was form. Although if you ask any C.A.H. senator they would simply say the "independent Colonies" are still part of the Convergence but have a separate branch governing them. In fact the Colonies still have seats in the Senate.
The Colonies would form the state of Solengrad after the patron family of the colonist who financed the war. The new nation would become a major stabilizing force on the frontier as a separate navy would act as far ranging scouts ahead of the mass. Many solar systems were discovered but not explored during the major push for colonization. Now that Humanity had now gained a total of 22 the idea of back pedaling to these distance and isolated system became a topic of debate as the could be saved for later and the push for territory could be continued.
The untouched planets would be ignored for another eight years. It wasn't till the Byzantine incident would the push for territory would be halted. A C.A.H. frigate, Byzantine, had encountered a ship of unknown origin and make. The first contact was made. A brief skirmish quickly escalated into a large battle that would only be the first and so far only combat between Humanity and alien life.
The battle was long and nasty, Humanity was not as advance as their alien counterparts but the difference was not too vast. The battle had shown two things, the difference in technology and more importantly the difference in military experience. The thousands of years of bloodshed and war had brought a unique experience that the aliens haven't seen. The battle would mark as a victory towards Humanity.
Diplomacy followed and and war had been stopped. A collection of aliens had created an alliance to prevent conflict between the races and it seemed to work. An uneasy peace came but Humanity began building its military and defenses and stopped its push for more territory. A look internally for a search of resources has brought forty planets that could possibly support life. The region wasn't explored due to a high volume of Typhon Storms.
A Typhon storm is the mass degradation of the UX element also know as Irritium. When Irritium degrades it creates a fury of energy that is infamous with disruptions of other energies. Ships can be shielded but doesn't provide any signal outside of the storm. But Irritium would also provide the basis for the newest field of research and science. Elemental Manipulation on command.
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Project I.V. Setting/Fluff
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